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Klaruw's abrasive blasting system cleans and roughens concrete and metal surfaces. Portable equipment is used to remove effectively all dirt, old paint, polyurethane sealers and floor coatings. The treated surface is left in an ideal state to receive a new finish of any type.

The abrasive blasting is done with steel shot projected at high velocity on the surface by a rotating wheel. As the shot scours the surface, it is recovered together with the removed materials. The foreign matter is then removed by an airwash separator and the steel shot is collected in a storage hopper ready for recirculation. Dust, pulverised shot and other small particles are carried away by the airstream to be collected in a high-capacity fabric filter.

This recirculation method means that dust and other contaminants are not released into the environment. Cleaning up afterwards is not needed. Cleaning and coating operations can be done at the same time and being a dry system there are no failures resulting from the introduction of moisture.

An important feature of the machine is that both the shot weight and its velocity can be adjusted. Epoxy coatings, for example, require a fine profile whereas toppings and other overlaid finishes need a deeper coarser surface.

Depending on the finish wanted and the state of the surface to be treated, the Klaruw equipment can cover anything from 200 to 800 square metres in a day. Clients everywhere regard it as the best way of cleaning concrete and other surfaces. No acids or chemicals are involved and the cleaning process is pollution-free.

Dustfree abrasive blasting is offered as a contract service.