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At crack or joint locations Klaruw’s ‘Armacutter’ milling machine is used to cut a groove 50-70 mm wide and 4-6 mm deep. Following this, the groove is blasted dry and clean using Klaruw’s purpose designed SuperJet hot air lance. Immediately after this and while the horizontal and vertical bonding surfaces are still hot the groove is filled with a flexible sealant. This is applied using a screed box, producing a smooth neat seal. Natural or artificial coloured crushed slate dust, heated chippings or calcined bauxite to choice is spread on the surface to complete the repair.



All types of cracks or joints in bituminous pavements with a maximum width of 10 mm where a ‘bridge’ of the weak area is required. Suitable for cracks where moderate movements are anticipated, or transverse joints and cracks which penetrate as far as the base or sub-base.


Level and neat finish; ratio between cross-section of sealant and bonding area very favourable, allowing the sealant to contract without debonding and also accommodate some vertical translation.


We have applied the treatment since 1981. Many hundreds of thousands of metres have been sealed by us using this technique, with excellent results, particularly on airport runways.

Photos; Road Maintenance Inlaid-Banding

hot air lance

Rapid, effective
drying & cleaning