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Overseal Banding


Cracks or joints are blasted dry and clean using Klaruw's purpose designed Super Jet hot air lance. Immediately after this and while the bonding surfaces are still hot the crack is filled with sealant, a high-grade flexible filling compound. This is applied using a 50-100 mm wide screed box depending on the crack pattern. A fully bonded sealing band appox. 2 mmt hick is thus produced on the pavement, which also penetrates the crack. Natural or artificial coloured crushed slate dust, heated chippings or calcined bauxite to choice is spread on the surface to complete the repair. 



All types of cracks or joints in bituminous pavements with a maximum width of 10 mm, where the surface is just beginning to fret in the vicinity of the crack. Not suitable for cracks where appreciable movements are anticipated, transverse cracks which penetrate as far as the base or sub-base or where he surface is crazed or loose.


Rapid applicaion, favourable unit cost, neat finish. The sealant applied is tolerant enough to accommodate pavement movements in winter, yet is strong enough to retain its shape during warmer summer periods and does not soften and spread under whel loads.


We have been applying this treatment since 1975 and many hundreds of thousands of metres have been sealed using this technique with excellent results.

Photos; Road Maintenance Overseal-Banding


hot air lance

Rapid, effective
drying & cleaning